2017 Polka Stage Entertainment - Twin Cities Polish Festival

We are in the early stages of putting together the entertainment lineup for the Polka Stage (under the bridge) at the 2017 Twin Cities Polish Festival in Minneapolis, MN. Check back soon for more details.


5:30-9:30 The Whitesidewalls Rock ‘N’ Roll Revue


10:00-10:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
11:00-11:55 Doctor Kielbasa
12:00-12:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
1:00-1:55 Doctor Kielbasa
2:00-2:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
3:00-3:55 Doctor Kielbasa
4:00-4:55 LIVEwire
5:00-5:55 DynaBrass
6:00-6:55 LIVEwire
7:00-8:00 DynaBrass
8:00-9:00 LIVEwire
9:00-10:00 DynaBrass


11:00-11:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
12:00-12:55 DynaBrass
1:00-1:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
2:00-2:55 DynaBrass
3:00-3:55 Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo
4:00-4:55 DynaBrass



The Whitesidewalls Rock ‘N’ Roll Revue

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Since their genesis over 40 years ago, the Whitesidewalls Rock ‘n’ Roll Revue has been the Midwest’s ultimate 1950s and 1960s doo-wop and rock & roll show band, with a loyal fan base that continues to grow and show their support and love for The Whitesidewalls.

Featuring five singers playing multiple instruments, the tight harmonies and driving dance beat of the Whitesidewalls are the signature of the Rock ‘n Roll Revue. Hound Dog, Swanee, Gino Gambucci, Bobby Maestro and Rocky Beaumont have handcrafted a fabulous show that will have you jumping just like it did all those years ago!

This talented group of versatile artists from Minnesota and Wisconsin performs for many thousands of people each year, demonstrating their agile musicianship while putting on a great show. Come on out and see for yourself- you won’t be disappointed! Visit website



Doctor Kielbasa

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It didn’t take Doctor Kielbasa long to establish a positive reputation for performing great polka music and providing fun at dances. Now in their 22nd year, it’s fair to say they have made their mark in polka history in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. The group started as a fun hobby shared among a group of friends and musicians who had played Polish-style polkas for years, but never played collectively together. The members of the band currently live in northern Minnesota and around the Twin Cities metro area. The question they hear the most is “So, which one of you is Doctor Kielbasa?” Well, the answer is that Doctor Kielbasa is no one person, it’s all of them. Collectively as musicians, they love to play the music that flows from deep inside them. The members of Doctor Kielbasa like to think of the group as bigger than any one person, it really is a collaborative effort. One of their fans described it best: “Doctor Kielbasa is the collective musical energy of a veteran group of Minnesota musicians. They are the best.” Wow, high praise indeed. Visit website



Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo

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Craig Ebel plays concertina with DyVersaCo and is the band’s leader. Craig is also the host of “It’s Polka Time!” a syndicated radio show heard across the United States and over the Internet. His knowledge of the music makes him the perfect person to front the band. The musicians who make up DyVersaCo have quite the experience of performing in not only different types of music, but also in different styles of polka music. Polka music is just that – polka music!! Whether you listen to it on the radio or regularly go polka dancing, promote the music proudly and encourage others to do the same. Visit website


dynbrass, polka, band, twin cities polish festival, minneapolis, mn, minnesota

Dynabrass is an award winning Polish Polka band from Detroit that was formed in 1986. Dynabrass plays Power Packed Polkas! This group has made an impact and it shows that they have high regard for the music.


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LIVEwire brings you a variety of sounds, fusing polkas with country rock and oldies appealing to people of all ages. LIVEwire is a Polish Push Style Polka band with a twist of good time Rock ‘N’ Roll and Country. LIVEwire is a six piece band.

2018 Festival Dates & Times

Friday, August 10:     5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday, August 11:    10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday, August 12:    10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Twin Cities Polish Festival Location

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43 SE Main St | Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414


Volunteer Information

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The Twin Cities Polish Festival is a 501(c)3 non profit organization; your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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