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Twin Cities Polish Festival August 7, 8, & 9, 2015

Twin Cities Polish Festival Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the Twin Cities Polish Festival in Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the Twin Cities Polish Festival!

The Twin Cities Polish Festival is a non-profit organization created to bring a world-class celebration of Polish culture and heritage to the Twin Cities. It also helps promote various community-service and Polish-American organizations.

The Twin Cities Polish Festival will immerse Minnesotans and visitors in “all things Polish”, presenting a kaleidoscope of unique cultural and educational displays, food and top-notch entertainment.

Bring a blanket, take a seat on the lawn along the Old Main Street in Minneapolis, visit with friends, watch outstanding musical and dance entertainment, enjoy traditional foods and beverages, and just simply have fun!

You’ll see for yourself why Poland has earned itself the reputation as one of the World’s most hospitable cultures.

Megitza Returns For The 2015 Twin Cities Polish Festival!

The intercultural sound of MEGITZA is deeply rooted in her Highlander-Roma heritage. Born in Zakopane (Poland), at the age of 16 Megitza emigrated to the US (Chicago) on her own where her dream of making music came true.

Critics describe her music as “music for the new millennium” seeking in it influences of the Balkan, Roma, Highlander, Latin, ethno – jazz, reggae, rock music – but it is not just the wide range of musical genres that sets Megitza apart from other entertainers but the energy and feeling her band puts into every performance that invariably remain as the compositional compass of Megitza.

For more information about Megitza, visit her official website at

Opening Night Music by Boogie Wonderland

It’s official! Minnesota’s favorite Disco Dance Rock and Roll Tribute band will be back performing on Friday night, August 7 on the Polka Stage at the 2015 Twin Cities Polish Festival.

Boogie Wonderland play all your classic disco dance floor favorites from those great days of the seventies and early eighties… back in the good old days when trousers were flared, collars were wide and Saturday Night Fever was huge!

The band is made up of seasoned music industry pros, all with one thing in common – they love the funk! They aren’t a stuffy “function band” playing the same old corporate standards. Only the best soul/funk and disco is allowed in their set.

For more information about Boogie Wonderland, visit their website at:

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A small city located on the Vistula River, Ciechocinek is about 12 miles SE of Torun. The community dates to 1466 and is rich in saline deposits and brine and is considered one of Europe’s oldest salt workings. Saltern history in the area dates back to 1791, when plans to build a “brewhouse” were made, and the gradiation towers came shortly after. The graduation towers allow edible salt to be formed, and another byproduct of the towers is the health benefits, including medicinal mud and medicinal liquor, which are said to be a method of cure for cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopedic, traumatic, rheumatic, nervous disorders, etc. Salty water evaporates while it flows down the towers and simultaneously creates a healing microclimate. Also the air is rich with the elements of iodine, sodium, chlorine and bromine. As one of the largest health resorts in Poland, and at times visitors and patients outnumber the 12,000 residents.

The saline springs have been present since ancient times, and documentation in the 13th century describes them as the largest. In 1235 they passed into the possession of the Teutonic Knights, who were obligated to pay in salt to the royal court as well as the Bishop. During the Partitions, the springs fell under Austrian rule, and methods to recover salt from the springs were developed. Ultimately by 1830, graduation towers were erected.

Salt baths became popular in the 1800s, and spa resorts began to prosper. They became so popular, that the railway (1867) established a direct route from Warsaw, built protective dams (1872) and expanded the waterway (1894). Ciechocinek continued to flourish, and beautiful parks and squares were a park of the landscapes. After WWI, the government took over operations, restoring the area devastated during the war and added additional amenities (Post Office, school, stores, et al). During this time, the President’s residence was also erected., and the graduation towers were erected, eventually evolving into a “garden” community, filled with greenery throughout the area.
During WWII, the area was renamed Hermannsbad, and the Nazis created a large military hospital, and health spa for German citizens. After liberation, and having not experienced much devastation, Poland quickly reactivated the health spas and other health related resorts in the area.

The community attracts patients and holiday seekers not only with its curative qualities, but with its picturesque walkways, parks and squares, the graduation towers. The Summer Theatre has been rehabbed and presents cultural entertainment to the residents and its guests.

The thermal spas and towers are described as a “wonder of nature” and the area as the “Pearl of Polish Health” and also area legends have that once a lonely person crosses the threshold of the health resort they are likely to find a partner for life and will not go home alone.
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Żurawi zachód słońca - Cranes at sunset

Photo - Paulina Brodzik / Polska Jakiej Nie Znacie
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Polish Food Lovers - Polska Travel Online Cookbook
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Somewhere in Poland

Niedźwiedzia Cave, Sudety Mountains

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Looking forward to better times

A photographer uses his own backdrop to mask Poland’s World War II ruins while shooting a portrait in Warsaw, November 1946

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Somewhere in Poland
Grabbing some sun on the beach at the Hel Peninsula

Photo -
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Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema

The Twin Cities Polish Festival and The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul in collaboration will present great Polish films, and will run concurrently with the Twin Cities Polish Festival August 8-10, 2014 as part of the Festival’s celebration of Polish culture and heritage. This year, the Festival is proud to offer Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema. Click here to learn more.

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