2012 Entertainment

Here is a partial list of entertainment lined up for the 2012 Twin Cities Polish Festival. Check back for exact times, links and bios.


  • Doctor Kielbasa
  • Jolly Zuk Brothers
  • Benji’s Polka Pak
  • Craig Ebel’s DyVersaCo

Doctor Kielbasa

Doctor Kielbasa
Doctor Kielbasa long to establish a reputation for performing good, fun polka music and dances. Now that the group has 14 years under their belts and a solid track record, it’s fair to say they have made their mark on polka music in Minnesota and the upper Midwest region. website



Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo

Craig Ebel & DyVersaCo

Craig Ebel plays concertina with DyVersaCo and is the band’s leader. Craig is also the host of “It’s Polka Time!” a syndicated radio show heard across the United States and over the Internet. His knowledge of the music makes him the perfect person to front the band. The musicians who make up DyVersaCo have quite the experience of performing in not only different types of music, but also in different styles of polka music. Polka music is just that – polka music!! Whether you listen to it on the radio or regularly go polka dancing, promote the music proudly and encourage others to do the same. website

Jolly Zuks Polka Band

Jolly Zuks Polka Band

The Jolly Zuks have been entertaining people for the last 30 yrs. A fun energetic band that brings life to any party. Not just your average polka band, They play a variety of styles of music, from a Little bit of Country, Fifties, Jitter bugs, Two steps and more. website 





  • Kid Polka
  • LIVEwire


LIVEwire band
LIVEwire is a Polish Push Style Polka band with a twist of good time Rock ‘N’ Roll and Country. LIVEwire is a five piece band. LIVEwire started out strictly as a polka band but thru the years, evolved it’s genre to include polka’s, waltzes, obereks, oldies, country and rock. From the chicken dance to Johnny Cash, from Elvis to Skinnard, LIVEwire has something up its sleeve that’s just your style. You can find out more about LIVEwire as well as listen to cuts off their latest CD by going to their web site.


  • Akordissimo

    Akordissimo - First Time in America!

    Akordissimo – This classical accordion ensemble is a part of the larger, renowned Accordion Orchestra CHORD of Koszalin. The award winning Akordissimo Quintet has toured in Poland, Europe and China. In 2011 Akordissimo won First Place at the European Youth Festival in Belgium and was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Accordion Competition in Russia. Akordissimo’s repertoire includes classical, jazz, tango and other contemporary genres. This is Akordissimo’s first visit to America. Let’s show them a warm Polish welcome when they perform at the Twin Cities Polish Festival.

    Akordissimo will be performing on the Cultural stage both Saturday and Sunday. For more information about Akordissimo, visit their web site at: http://www.akord.koszalin.prv.pl.

  • Mosaica: Mosaica feeds the listener’s curiosity for music of the world. While Mosaica has focused over the past three years on bringing traditional Polish music to the Twin Cities, they have incorporated songs from the following languages into their repertoire: Romanian, Spanish, English, Macedonian, and Russian. They think of their performances as a challenge to the listening audience as many songs are sung in different languages, yet, the listeners are drawn to the unfamiliar message of the song; a connection is made. Mosaica sings this music because they love the respective songs in their repertoire. Out of all the beautiful songs they perform, they all share one common origin: the heart!

    Follow Mosaica on the web at www.mosaicamusic.com and visit YouTube to hear them!


    Mosaica will perform at the 2012 Twin Cities Polish Festival

  • Dolina Polish Folk Dancers – The Dolina Polish Folk Dancers have been entertaining audiences locally in the Twin Cities, nationally, and internationally for more than 60 years. Dolina shares the rich culture and character of Poland through traditional footwork, lively choreography, and vibrant, authentic costumes. Performances typically include singing and live music and range from one dance for a private party to a full concert. For more information, view their website at http://www.dolina.org/.
    Dolina Polish Folk Dancers

    Dolina Polish Folk Dancers

  • Jim Krzewski, aka Spoon Man Jim Cruise

    Jim Krzewski, aka Spoon Man Jim Cruise

    Jim Krzewski, aka Spoon Man Jim Cruise – The Spoon Man has performed for former President Gerald R. Ford in Grand Rapids, for Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow and for Mister Rogers in Pittsburgh. Krzewski is part goofball entertainer, part faith-filled spiritual guy.

    His program contains several outrageous impressions such as Glen Miller and Elvis combining together, A Heavy Metal Spoon Player and A Rap Spoon Player. He has an audience sing-a-long competition. He creates a Mountain Band out of members of the audience. You may also see him play forks and knives. In addition, if that is still not enough, everyone has an opportunity to get “SPOONED.”

    For more information about Spoon Man visit his web site at: http://www.SpoonMan.biz.

  • The Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Regina, Saskatchewan – The roots of the Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble date back to the 1930’s when a social club was formed for husbands and wives who had recently immigrated to Canada from Poland. However, dancing soon became an important way to preserve the Polish culture in Regina and area. The Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble officially began in 1970 and is proud to be celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year. The dance group is currently comprised of 16 dancers ranging in age from 13-37. The dance group is currently under the leadership of director Tamara Scrimbit and assistant director Lisa Abrahamowicz.
    The Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Regina, Saskatchewan

    The Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble

    The last decade has been filled with many highlights. A particular highlight was a trip to Poland in 1996 and 2005. Polonia’s senior dancers were invited to take part in the international Polish folk dance festival in Rzeszow, Poland, and also participated in a PFDAA sponsored pre-tour of southern Poland. The Rzeszow Festival renewed Polonia’s knowledge and enthusiasm for Polish folk dancing.In addition to travelling to Poland, Polonia has traveled several times to Milwaukee for Polish Fest. Numerous invitations in Western Canada have led to performances in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Within its home province of Saskatchewan, Polonia has been delighted to perform recently in Saskatoon, North Battleford and Prince Albert. Polonia was especially honored to perform for His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, during his visit to Canada in 2001. And in 2010, Polonia hosted the North American Polish Folk Dance Gala Concert as well as workshops with choreographers from Poland.

    Since its establishment 42 years ago, Polonia has enjoyed its many performances within Canada and internationally. Polonia’s love of sharing Polish folk dance has always been a constant. With its vast array of colourful authentic costumes and a repertoire of 24 dances, the Polonia Polish Folk Dance Ensemble is proud to perform so that audiences may learn and enjoy Polish culture.

  • “Little Stars” Theater Workshop from Chicago : Founded in 2004 in Chicago, the “Little Stars” Theater Workshop promote the Polish language through theater. Agata Paleczny, founder and the director of “Little Stars” is an alumini of the Krakow School of Theater. The main goal of the “Little Stars” was to offer an extension activity for children who want to speak Polish. In 2010 an adult class was offered. Since then, the “Little Stars” are no longer just a children’s theater group.

    Their shows are similar to musicals. It’s not only about the script, but also the music, the dance, they all play an important part. The Theater Workshop also work with the local radio and TV. They have recorded audio plays and television plays, which were aired on both radio and the television in Chicago. Because of the grandness and uniqueness of their stage productions, they are truly admired and loved by their fans.

    Little Stars Theater Workshop from Chicago

    Little Stars Theater Workshop from Chicago

2018 Festival Dates & Times

Friday, August 10:     5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Saturday, August 11:    10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday, August 12:    10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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